All wristbands are subject to following Terms and Conditions.

1. Each wristband entitles the person wearing that wristband to the offers stated on the wristband for one night only.

2. Offers apply only to the night specified on the wristband.  There may be limitations for Festivals and seasonal events.  Please check with Access All Areas to confirm seasonal validity if unsure (e.g. Christmas, Aintree Grand National Week).

3. The management of any venue listed on the wristband reserve the right to refuse admission of anyone wearing a wristband.  If unsure of the required dress code of a venue please check with Access All Areas or the venue directly.

4. If the wristband wearer is refused an offer listed on the wristband by a venue they should report it to Access All Areas within 3 days of the night out giving details in full of the venue and problems encountered.  A full investigation will be carried out by Access All Areas and times, venues and descriptions of staff will be required to be supplied by the wristband wearer to assist in this investigation.

5. Part refunds may be offered depending on the findings by Access All Areas and will be based on the particular wristband offer that was deemed to be found not to be fulfilled by a venue.  The refund will be calculated in proportion to the number of other venues on the wristband that were successful.

6. Cancellation of order.  To avail of a refund on the cancellation of an order the purchaser of the wristbands must give 5 working days notice prior to the date required.  If the wristbands were supplied by post or special delivery and not to be collected, the wristbands must be returned intact and unused.