Liverpool’s restaurant guide 2016

It is sometime hard to keep up with Liverpool, there is always something exciting going on with new bars and venues popping up all over the city.  If you are new to the city, or are visiting for the weekend we have carefully picked out the best venues to visit this year. Liverpool has certainly got everything anyone could ever want!

Rack and Dollar has everything you’d expect from an American sports bar, from immense burgers which you can create, to the dozens of TV screens scattered across the bar floor.  And if you consider yourself to be Liverpool’s answer to Adam Richman, why not try one of their eating challenges – how will you fare on Unlimited Rib Day. Chez Le Coq is an innovative restaurant on Bold Street. It is said that you could probably eat your way around the world on Bold Street, and now you can add another cuisine to the list – rotisserie chicken. Chez Le Coq’s menu is based on an authentic French concept, with free range rotisserie chicken the star of the show. Almost famous, Parr Street could possibly be the best burger spot in town; expect bad ass burgers and trailer trash fries.

The iconic Jacaranda bar located on Slater Street had been closed for some time before it relaunched with a bang. Aside from its brand new look inside, the Jacaranda has also opened a vinyl coffee shop and bar upstairs. Blind Tiger, Seel Street is pronounced as an “Asian speakeasy”. It is one of the newest additions to Liverpool’s bar and restaurant scene, opening its doors in June last year. The venue aims to become an authentic Asian concept – part premium cocktail destination and part contemporary dim sum late night diner with entertainment. Pattersons, Gradwell Street, a side street just off Hanover Street, is the city’s newest iconic chicken hangout.  Patterson’s serves fried chicken and a selection of cocktails and beers, taking inspiration from establishments from America’s Deep South.

The Red Door club on Berry Street boots a massive cocktail menu, and though the historic building has been restored to bring out some of its original features, but one of its most popular features seems to be the addition of the Red Door photo booth. The Old Blind School restaurant on Hardman Street is situated in one of the city’s most iconic buildings has been transformed by the UK’s biggest gastro-pub chains, the New Moon Company. It also offers one of Liverpool’s biggest food challenges – a giant mixed grill that boasts over £120 worth of meats. Death Row Diner on Hope Street is exactly what you’d expect.  Located in a basement, their restaurant offers something different to your usually dining experience. The delicious, good quality comfort fried food has proven to be a winner with anyone who dares to try it.