Bongo’s Bingo Liverpool

As you probably already know, the beautiful city of Liverpool hosts a continuous mix of diverse events all year round. Whenever you come to visit, we are certain there will be something happening that will be to your liking. Believe it or not, bingo has taken a turn for the better and now attracts the younger crowds, but of course the younger generation have put their spin on things to make it more fun. Mix together bingo dibbers, cash prizes, s**t prizes, special guests and a lot of alcohol and you’ve got BONGO’S BINGO!!

The history of bingo dates back as far as the 16th century and is connected to Italy back in 1530. The Italians introduced a National Lottery system, known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto Italia, which still exists today. See, you learn something new every day!

Bongo’s Bingo hosts monthly events at Camp and Furnace which is a unique kind of venue. Camp and Furnace has a restaurant, bar, indoor festival site, music venue, pop-up event space, conference location, cultural hub- it is an all-round surprising destination. It has the qualities of an industrial film-set, a feat of engineering and a hint of an industrious past. The best thing about this venue is that it feels like the outdoors when you are indoors, a kind of urban park.

If Bongo’s Bingo wasn’t enough for Liverpool, they have now started to venture out of the city, and country, to London, Australia, Ibiza and Dubai! This fact alone proves just how amazing and popular these nights are. So much so, we hate to break to you that it can sometimes be difficult to get hold of a ticket. But have a little faith, follow their live media feeds for ticket release dates and you might just get lucky!

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